About Us

Range Summit

Range Summit is an equity investment firm with a strategy solely focused on middle-market real estate assets. We provide structured equity investment -- both preferred and joint venture equity -- to real estate sponsors nationwide and across all major asset classes. Through our ability to recognize unique opportunities we are able to provide capital solutions to sponsors and premium risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The Range Summit team has a vast amount of experience investing in middle-market real estate assets. Our investment strategy allows us to identify and capitalize on diverse investment opportunities which exist throughout the middle-market of commercial real estate. We are able to produce unique investment opportunities through our strong network and investment expertise.

Investment Philosophy

Capitalize On Inefficiencies In The Middle Market
Mid-market CRE (<$50MM value) is susceptible to inefficiencies based on ownership profile and many other factors.
Provide Equity Financing to Sponsors
Providing equity to multiple specialized Sponsors provides diversity across asset class, geography, and business plans.
Principal Protection
Invest in a blend of investments which offer both cash flow and upside profit potential, with a focus on low cost basis.
Structure Each Investment on Its Own Merits
Investments have unique risks and return profiles and must have individualized structures to maximize risk-adjusted returns.
Avoid Investments Which Rely on Market Timing
Opportunities for premium risk-adjusted returns exist regardless of the current position of the market cycle.

Our Team

Michael Thom

CEO, Summit
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Daniel Cho

Managing Director, Range Summit Capital
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Ryan P. Lynch

Co-CEO, Summit
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Joseph Rosen

President, Summit
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Natalie Ford

Chief Financial Officer, Range Summit Capital
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John Lustgarten

Chief Investment Officer, Summit
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Thuan Tran

Vice President, Range Summit Capital
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AG Winchester

Vice President, Range Summit Capital
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