Ryan P. Lynch

Ryan P. Lynch is the Co-CEO and one of the original founders of Summit. Prior to the formation of Summit, Mr. Lynch was a principal with Larus Capital Partners, a real estate acquisition and management partnership with over 2.5 million square feet of property in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Maryland and Michigan. Mr. Lynch has been a licensed California General Contractor since 2008 and also worked as a developer, project manager, and builder of custom homes. He played professional baseball for the San Diego Padres and at the Class AA level for the Baltimore Orioles. Mr. Lynch is the brother-in-law of Joseph Rosen, President of Summit. Mr. Lynch graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in History

Other Team Members

Michael Thom
CEO, Summit
Daniel Cho
Managing Director, Range Summit Capital
Joseph Rosen
President, Summit
Natalie Ford
Chief Financial Officer, Range Summit Capital
John Lustgarten
Chief Investment Officer, Summit
Thuan Tran
Vice President, Range Summit Capital
AG Winchester
Vice President, Range Summit Capital